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Contemporary Manufacturing

We have worked on thousands of new product developments. That history has contributed to a very large pool of skillsets and capabilities which is quiet unique. Our customers are privileged working with Original Foods because we are relentless in our efforts to make new ideas to come to fruition, regardless of the technical challenges in place.

A Food Processing Machine Extruding Strips of Food..jpg


Extruders / Depositors

Modern brewery production line. Beer filtration equipment and pump machinery..jpg

Size Reduction

Hammer Mill (dry particle size reduction) / Sorters and Filters / Fitzmill

Close up flat beater inside barrel commercial food mixer machine for industrial.jpg


Ribbon Blenders / Homogenizers (Wet Emulsion) / Colloidal Mill / Aerator (for caramel, marshmallow, etc)

Filling Machine for industry.jpg


Cut & Wrap / Dry & Wet Form Fill / Pre-Form Bagging / Liquid Filling / Custom Packing & Labelling / Hand Packing of Fragile Goods / Allergen Free Packing 

sweet buns being loaded into a commercial oven.jpg


Cooking Wet Products / Cooking or Mixing from 50 to 1500 Gallons / Scrape Surface Cooking / High Shear Mixing / Retort / Chilling & Freezing / Ovens 

warehouse worker driver in uniform loading cardboard boxes by forklift stacker loader.jpg

Warehousing & Logistics

Regrigeration / Frozen / Dry / Allergen Free Section /

 Full Skids or Picking Services

Baker pouring flour into large mixer in a commercial kitchen.jpg

New Product Development

New Product R&D / Cost & Quality Optimization / Packaging Development / Sourcing / Compliance Consulting / Lab Sample Development / Pilot Trials

Sweets production at the factory.jpg

Full Service Co-Packing

We co-pack many brands and a wide range of product categories: syrups, confectionery, bakery ingredients, sauces, broth, beverage and condiments.  We segregate production in terms of both food safety and allergen control. This, coupled with the space to build additional rooms, allows us to co-pack products which are not already part of our portfolio. We have the flexibility to support start-ups with very small runs and equally we service some of the largest retailers and restaurants chains in North America.

Business meetings with government and private borrowers with co-workers and tax advisor to

Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

Not only can we co-pack your brand, but we can also invest in your it, whether as a minority investor or for gradual acquisition.  We can also manage your business by carrying your logistics and invoicing your customers.

We are exclusively looking for food companies that would create synergies with our existing activities.  Synergies could be in Sales, Marketing, Distribution and/or Manufacturing.  Our criteria are:


  • Sales of $1M to $20M.

  • Flexibility on EBITDA, we have bought distressed companies in the past.

  • Ideally the operations can be moved into our existing facility

  • Valuation supported by recent historical performance, as opposed to projections.

  • Due diligence information to be readily available and reliable.

  • Seller must have a clear exit goal for a straightforward negotiation process and quick closing.

Let's Talk

Offering a variety of products, services & solutions, Original Foods is the ideal partner for individuals looking to expand, optimize, or delve into this industry.

Start the conversation today.

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