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So much more than Confectionary

Not only are we experts in sweet products,  our expertise also extends

to a variety of other categories.

Iced coffee with milk, chocolate syrup and meringues..jpg


Chocolate / Table / Corn / Flavored / Sundae Topping / Clean Label


Seasonal Confectionary

Marshmallows / Hard Candy / Taffy and Sugar Cones / Empty Cones / Chocolate Coated / Sponge Toffee / Kisses / Caramels / Cotton Candy / Drops and Snowballs

Fresh homemade sugar powdered donuts with vanilla cream filling on wood table.jpg

Fillings, Creams, Fondants

Fondant / Custards / Fruit Fillings / Caramel Fillings / Icing / Glazes / Butter Cream / Bavarian Cream / Clean Label Fillings

Half Moon Cookies

Baked Goods

Sheet Cakes / Roll Cakes / Cookies / Laminated Pastries / Dough / Gluten Free Cookies / Waffles and Pancakes / 

Selection of different sauces in bowls.jpg


Dehydrated Soup & Sauce Bases / BBQ Sauces / Cooking Sauces / Vegan Sauces / Nut- Based Sauces

Jar of crushed cranberries for sauce or jam and basket of bog berries on background. .jpg

Jams &Spreads

Fruit Spreads / Fruit Jams / Sugar Spreads  / Caramel Spreads / Specialty Jams / Onion Jam / Chai Jam

Mustard in a jar. Mustard Seeds Vegan concept. Healthy diet. Selective focus. Macro..jpg


Ketchup / Mayonnaise / Mustard

Bone broth, bone stock in a glass mug, lemon slices on the side, garlic cloves and herbs o


Chicken / Beef / Vegetable 

Cookie in plastic wrap packaging..jpg

Dry and

Wet Packaging

Soup Mixes / Waffle & Pancake Mixes / Muffin Mixes

Green Smoothie


Frozen Smoothie Bases / Frozen Individual Smoothies

Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares - dessert.jpg

Custom Specialty

Various Custom Products

Let's Talk

Offering a variety of products, services & solutions, Original Foods is the ideal partner for individuals looking to expand, optimize, or delve into this industry.

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