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we are original

this is our story

To be original, you have to think differently right from the start. In 1947 we started what would end up being a dynasty in the food and confection business. Being from Quebec, and surrounded by the world’s largest maple syrup producing region in the world, it was inevitable that we would somehow end up in the confection business. At the risk of sounding sappy, we are proud of our roots and very fortunate to have had our family business running for so long. And since 1947, we’ve been producing and selling food products under our own brand name as well as private labels for some of the largest national retailers ever since. Boasting three production plants and 150 employees this family owned business ensures that quality and innovation is always job #1.

we make original foods

When you see the original logo in store, you’ll know you’re getting original quality. From our various seasonal treats to our classic products available year-round, Original Foods offers the highest quality confectionery products on the market. Our extensive line of maple-flavoured treats is a market leader in taste innovation and consumer likeability. We cover the 4 seasons with something for every confectionary holiday and moment of the year. We extend our reach into syrups, fondants, pastry and pie fillings where our wide variety of flavours will more than exceed your needs and your customer’s appetite for the very best.

we have what it takes

we have what it takes

Since 1947

216,000 sq. ft facility

Over 20 production lines

150 employees

2000 caramels a minute

we’re original, not old fashioned

At Original Foods, our strict quality assurance policies ensure that only high-quality products and recipes are delivered to your customers. Our R&D team, up to date equipment and our strict quality assurance system allow us to continuously improve our production processes so we can continue to deliver tasty, reliable and safe quality products.

To further strengthen our commitment to quality products, we’re HACCP, GFSI and MK Dairy certified. Original Foods teams are standardizing these certifications within all its divisions.

Peanut free guarantee:

We also take great pride and have strict assurances in offering products that are manufactured in a peanut-free environment. Several preventive measures and controls are in place to ensure that products remain forever peanut-free.

we work with the best

With almost 70 years of being a food and confection leader in Canada, we understand that being versatile, innovative and reliable has kept us on top of our game. Our blue chip co-packaging partners can attest to our commitment to everything we do. They rely on us to deliver, which we do each and every time.

Private Label Experts

Original Foods products can be customized under private labels to help you develop your own brand name. We create products that are designed to help you compete with some of the most popular national brands, in a wide variety of categories.

We have the capacity and technical know-how to produce national brand equivalents or develop unique recipes with their own packaging designs. Our internal team will carefully assess your needs to ensure that your next private label project is a true success. With over 60 products sold under a private label or a co-packaging agreement, we are one of our industry’s top suppliers of private label food products.

we’ve got room to help you grow

At Original Foods, we believe that working with partners is just good business for everyone involved. We work closely with other confection and food producers to help them keep their costs down, increasing profitability and most importantly, helping to keep the industry a healthy and vibrant one. Our partners rave about how we help them deliver a high quality product to their customers with a keen eye on the bottom line. We believe we’re all in this together and have always had a strict commitment to our industry partners.

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905 – 701- 7010 or toll free 1 – 888 – 440 – 8880

701 Broad Street East, Dunnville, Ontario, N1A 1H2